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Dolma Education Fund

Dolma Education Fund: going from strength to strength since 2007

The Dolma Education Fund has been going from strength to strength since is was founded in spring 2007. We are currently sending 10 children to quality schools and universites in North, West and South India. We have found scholarship for one more and are hoping to send her to one of our chosen schools next year if her friend and cousin finds sponsorship too. We do not believe in sending individual children: as the schools are a significant distance from their home, children have to board so they find themselves in new surroundings, away from home, as well as academically challenged to catch up with their new classmates. They therefore need at least one friend and familiar face for everyday support and to help them adjust.

Some of the children we currently sponsor

Sonam Lhamo: perhaps our greatest success story to date. Sonam Lhamo and her friend and cousin Tenzin Rabten were the first children we sent to a new, quality school. They are boarding at Touch Wood School in Dheradun, North India.  Sonam Lhamo and Rabten both found that their classmates were significantly further ahead in the national curriculum so they had a lot to catch up on! However, only 3 years on, Sonam Lhamo has come first in her class! Sonam Lhamo is not just intelligent and studious but als has a very warm and out-going personality.


Tenzin Chungthak: Chungthak has irresistible charm. She is a caring, warm, fun-loving child who is showing great academic promise as well. She is currently still going to school in her local village and is waiting for her two friends, Kunkhen and Tharba to find sponsors to be able to attend Mysore Public School, hopefully next year.


Tenzin Sonam, known as Tenam: Tenam is academically very bright as well as out-going and fun-loving. She treated us to a rendition of many Tibetan as well as Western songs but was also keen to practice her English and enlist our help for her homework. She sent her to Mysore Public School last year. She works hard and is already achieving very good results in only her first year at the new school.

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All donations go directly to benefiting the children we sponsor. All amounts gratefully received.

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