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Dolma Education Fund: Who We Are

The Dolma Education Fund was founded to provide quality education for Tibetan refugee children from Purang Camp and other Tibetan refugee settlements in India. The charity was founded by Geshe Tashi Tsering who has been the resident teacher at Jamyang Buddhist Centre London since 1994. 


Because Purang Camp (and other Tibetan refugee settlements) is situated in very rural surroundings, it cannot offer good quality school locally. Therefore, attending a new, quality school always means that the children will be away from home and will have to board in their new school as well. It is therefore our policy to always send at least two children together who know each other and can give each other support in their new surroundings.  

We believe in the Buddhist principle that all happiness comes from making others happy. 

In this spirit, we ask you to support Geshe Tashi's vision and be part of a positive future for Tibetans. 

Please consider supporting us by making a donation today, great or small

All donations go directly to benefiting the children we sponsor. All amounts gratefully received.

Regular donations help us plan a reliable, long term future for our children.

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